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President's Welcome

nanceGreetings to all South Carolina Counselors and Counseling Association Members,

Stepping into the President’s role with the South Carolina Counseling Association, I follow an important legacy of leadership, tradition, and wisdom within our state.  I'm excited to bridge this tradition with the new generation of professionals who bring with them new thinking and methods for helping.  I am not taking lightly the professional differences in generations, identities, focus, and practices of professionals throughout our state. With gratitude for all our state professionals, I enter this relationship and hope to build our association into something we have only imagined thus far.

I come into the role with a professional identity as a counseling practitioner focusing on trauma and individuals suffering the symptomatic effects of Dissociative Identity Disorder, an educator who worked with three universities over the last decade, a clinical supervisor in hospital, school, agency, and private practice settings, and a lifelong student.  I truly love our profession.

I am excited to undertake this endeavor and have developed a theme and platform for the year.  While working on an Annual Conference theme, I began to realize my intentional focus should be applied across the timeframe for my work as president.  “Bridges to Empowerment” has become a mantra shaping my vision as I approach this responsibility.  I hope to utilize my gifts as a consultant, mediator, mentor, teacher, and ally to work with and lead our executive committee, executive council, divisions, committees, association members and those who will be choosing to join us.

We live in a time of great division and adversity which South Carolinians experience and know first-hand.

I hope we as a Professional Association will take on the work of bridging, unifying, and healing as we look to the future.  Our multifaceted diversity as a group and individuals has the potential to enhance our organization and benefit the State of South Carolina.   

Approaching my role, I developed several goals for SCCA and our members:

1. Bridge generational perspectives into an honor of tradition as well as launching into new and uncharted processes and practices
2. Bridge professional perspectives into an honoring and unified mission collaborating within our Association as well as with other professional groups
3. Bridge with governmental and political agencies advocating and demonstrating the importance of our ethics, practices, and positive influences on the well-being of South Carolinians
4. Bridge our current standing as SCCA with new growth and vision into a greater, larger, and more influential entity within our state as well as our national ACA organization
5. Bridge to becoming a vital and necessary resource for the members of SCCA.  We hope to become an educational resource, a professional advocacy agent, source for on-going continuing education, as well as a mentoring group.

Throughout the year and into the Annual Conference, I will provide for you our processes as we work to meet these goals.  Watch our SCCA webpage and Palmetto Counselor newsletter for updates and new opportunities.  I will be working closely with the leadership of the American Counseling Association to enhance the work of SCCA throughout the decades.  I will work to honor tradition as well as hear the important voices of an up and coming professional generation who utilize technology and communicate at lightning speed.  

Thank you for your continuing hard work and devotion to our profession!

John Nance

SCCA Membership Benefits:

  • Expanding your social and professional network)

  • Offering professional development and continuing education credits conveniently on-line, across the state, and at our annual conference

  • Linking you through our Palmetto Counselor Newsletter, our Speakers Bureau, Career Opportunities, Leadership Opportunities, Directories – Find-a-Counselor, Find-a-Supervisor, Find-an-Internship Site, Spotlight on Counselors and MORE

  • Increasing visibility and unification of the counseling profession through advocacy, education, and professional development and enhancing your professional identity through membership in your passion or work setting divisions

  • Lobbying efforts through the support of SCCA and ACA to advocate and support your professional role


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Professional Membership - $45
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