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If you'd like to join our Advocacy Committee or would like to bring an

Advocacy or Legislative topic to our attention, please contact us.


Advocacy Alerts!

SC Medicaid

We have joined the effort with BAKERS Counseling Service, LLC to help create change in South Carolina's Medicaid practices. 


What can you do?

Sign the petition here

Submit your personal testimony by emailing us here

Counseling Compact

The SC State Legislature is currently in recess, and The Counseling Compact was sent back to committee at the end of the 2023 session. 

We will continue to advocate for this, and should be getting some movement again in January 2024 when the new legislative session opens!


Keep track of the bill here

Information on The Counseling Compact here

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee is responsible for monitoring, reviewing, and taking appropriate action in consultation with the President, regarding state legislation and regulations that affect counseling.


Federal legislation and regulation will also be monitored by the Advocacy Committee, with action as appropriate in concert with the American Counseling Association.


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