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If you'd like to join our Advocacy Committee or would like to bring an

Advocacy or Legislative topic to our attention, please contact us.

Advocacy Alert!



There's roughly 2 months left in the state legislative session and we need YOU to get a hearing for the Counseling Compact! 


What you can do: 

1. Follow this link to contact your representative.


2. Write your own message of support to members of the Military, Medical & Municipal Affairs (M3) Committee, use the info below to send a message!


a. Committee Chairman - Rep. Sylleste Davis, | (803) 734-3046

b. Rep. Brandon Cox - | (803) 212-6886

c. Rep. Wendell Jones - | (803) 212-6941 

d. Rep. JA Moore - | (803) 212-6890

e. Rep. Mark Smith - | (803) 212-6719

f. Rep. Bobby Cox - | (803) 212-6883

g. Rep. Christopher Hart - | 803) 734-3061

h. Rep. David O'Neal - | (803) 212-6967

i. Rep. Heath Sessions - | (803) 212-6780


3. Use this message as a template:


Hello Representative ___________,


I am reaching out to request your support and urge a committee hearing on H 3784. 



    • Compact legislation is moving in all surrounding states, SC is last to enact the compact in the south! 21 States nationwide have enacted the compact. (

    •  The compact will expand mental health access to military veterans, SC residents with disabilities and those in rural communities. 

    • The compact provides a solution to the current clinician shortage without compromising state sovereignty. 

    • Similar professions (social workers, psychologists and school psychologists) have all moved compact legislation this session. 

    • We already have support from all CACREP SC Programs (Winthrop, Citadel and Clemson), the state licensing board, the SC DMH Commission and the SC Dept of Defense! (; ) 

     Please let us know if we can provide more information or if you have questions. Thank you for your support of SC counselors and the clients we serve! 


More info: 

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee is responsible for monitoring, reviewing, and taking appropriate action in consultation with the President, regarding state legislation and regulations that affect counseling.


Federal legislation and regulation will also be monitored by the Advocacy Committee, with action as appropriate in concert with the American Counseling Association.


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